Why Partner with Beta Benefits?

We see our brokers as "Partners" in building success for each other. We treat all brokers professionally and as individuals, listening to their ideas and adapting or creating marketing stategies to their need and skills.

NO cookie-cutter marketing with our brokers!

Contracting with Beta Benefits

To get started with Beta Benefits, you only need to click on the DocuSign button and all the forms you need to complete and submit are online:

  • Producer Agreement - Required by CMS, outlines your 1099 relationship with Beta Benefits and details your commissions by Health Plan.
  • Agent Profile - Helpful information about you, are you an "Agent" or and "Agency"?
  • W-9 - Need to pay you commissions. What is your tax ID, Social Security(Individual) or FEIN (Agency)?

We will need a copy of your current license, E&O, and AHIP, fax to 1-714-664-0614, attention "Brittany" or email copies to

Agent Profile Direct Deposit Producer's Agreement W-9